Special Needs Trust Administration Masterclass

Special Needs Trust Administration Masterclass

The course to give you the strategies and resources you need to have confidence in serving in the role as trustee for a special needs trust or for ensuring your disabled loved one has access to assets, qualifies for public benefits, and gets the care they need from the people who will honor their voice and choices.

Who this course is for:

Professional Trustees

Acquire full confidence in managing and administering a special needs trust with detailed guidance, worksheets, and samples on how to navigate the role as a corporate trustee.

Parents, Caregivers, Guardians

Give your disabled loved ones protection in a special needs trust while still ensuring the flexibility that you feel is appropriate by selecting the best person for the trustee and providing clear guidance.

Appointed Trustees

Build rapport and trust with your beneficiary as well as honor the wishes of the trust drafters while learning to navigate the joys and challenges of your new or anticipated role.

Ready to feel secure in your role as a special needs trustee or in choosing one?

Imagine if you finally felt:

assured to know that you have taken the best action you can and prepared yourself to handle the role as trustee ...

comforted that the process will be as easy as possible for your loved ones and those appointed to care for them ...

empowered with all the tools required to best serve and guide your beneficiary ...

positive your disabled children have short and long-term care guidelines in your absence ...

and supported knowing that you have the guidance of a special needs mother and legal expert at your fingertips.

Take a Peek at the Modules!

Founder's Story ~ Annette M. Hines

Parent, Speaker, Author, Attorney, Advocate, Coach

I always tell people that first and foremost, I am a mother of two daughters, one of whom passed away from mitochondrial disease in 2013. This deep, personal understanding of special needs fuels my passion for quality special needs planning and advocacy. My daughter Elizabeth was profoundly impacted by her healthcare needs and disabilities, and I share about my family's experiences with her journey through this course and in my memoir, Butterflies and Second Chances to provide you with hope and consolation that you are not alone.

In addition, I have over twenty years of experience as an attorney and advocate in the areas of Special Needs, Elder Law, and Estate Planning. I oversee two organizations in my home state of Massachusetts, but work with families nationwide and have extensive experience with federal services. I'm also the host of the weekly Parenting Impossible – The Special Needs Survival Podcast.

I started these programs to create another way of bringing information, resources, and services to our disability community all over the country. These resources are exactly what I wished for when my family was young.

I'm so glad you're here!

Hear What Others Have to Say

Marilyn Andrews

"Annette's personal touch and the way she shared her personal experiences as a parent and professional experiences were the best parts of the course. She has given me some good action steps."

Attorney Karen Mariscal
Karen Mariscal

"Annette is an expert who knows how to make complicated things understandable. She is a great teacher!"

Helen Waldron

"Annette does a wonderful job of setting up the framework of tasks that need to be addressed in a thoughtful sequenced manner, all the while highlighting 'voice and choice' for our loved ones."